Santa Cruz Galapagos Day 3

As the boat refueled on Santa Cruz, we slept in later.  This island is the most populace in the Galapagos, at around 24,000, but we were not visiting the developed area today.  Upon completion of the chore, we enjoyed breakfast as the Letty moved to the opposite side of the island to Bachas Beach.  Departing the ship by panga, we arrived at a white, sandy beach and followed a marked trail which overlooked a lagoon with a few flamingos.  Lava rock, marine iguanas and remnants of a floating dock used by the Americans during WWII were also seen on the walk as we returned to the beach area for snorkeling.  Marine iguanas, Galapagos green sea turtles, sharks and rays joined us on our swim.

Returning to the boat, we lunched and had a short siesta as the boat moved to another portion of the
island, off Dragon Hill.  Here we did a "deep-water" snorkel with more turtles, dozens of black  starfish with orange dots and a variety of fish.  The swim was followed by a hike where we spotted sizable land iguanas.  Previously decimated by feral dogs, and their food supply destroyed by other domestic animals introduced by the people coming to live on the island, the iguanas were reintroduced and are now thriving due to the extraordinary efforts of the Park Service.  Now moving on to Fernandina.

Marine iguana going for a swim

Black starfish with orange dots

Strangely evil smile on this marine iguana

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