San Jose, Costa Rica

Feb. 21, 2010 Arrived in San Jose for extensive dental work for Alan at the Prisma Dental Clinic.  He was scheduled for eleven implants and two root canals.   Price for the work was half what we were quoted in the U.S., so now he gets the dental work and we get a vacation and still save money.  The bustling city streets are full of taxis darting around and buses packed with passengers--like sardines in a tin can. Tourists are not advised to walk around the city during the evening, but we had the whole afternoon to explore before Alan's procedure would start the following day. Walking and driving anywhere in Costa Rica is a challenge due to the lack of street and directional signs. The address on our first hotel was 50 meters east of La Sabana Park.  Our first afternoon, we hiked to the Mercado Central (central market). The crowded market carries everything from t-shirts to coffee beans. It also houses several small sodas (small inexpensive eateries). We ordered a shrimp and avocado salad and received a fabulous hot, buttery concoction which I will definitely try to duplicate on our return home.

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