About Us

Alan and I adopted the moniker, the Traveling Manatees, when we started our RV travels in June 2009.  We have always enjoyed visiting different cultures, appreciating the natural beauty of various states and countries, and trying diverse foods as we travel around the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Central America.

One of the most exciting parts of traveling, from my perspective, has been the opportunity to document our travels through my words and photos.  Sharing our trips with our friends and family has provided a great level of satisfaction. The positive feedback has pushed me into a second career as a freelance writer, certainly not something I initially anticipated.

Since retiring, Alan has made his love of art, drawing and watercolors, a strong focus. When we are traveling he enjoys the constantly changing scenery that he looks at as “potential watercolors.”   The thrill of seeing and recording, in either quick sketches or photographs, adds much to his enjoyment. 

Ultimately the most important part of the journey is family, friends, food and fun.  Thanks for joining us.  Nancy French

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