Cedar Key

Heading along the west coast of Florida, we stopped for a few days in the quiet, waterfront community of Cedar Key, which is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.  Having located an RV park along Hwy. 24 just outside town, we had a dramatic sunset greet us our first evening.  Planning on kayaking and fishing, we were perfectly located, though substantial tidal shifts made water activities only possible on the high tides.  Oyster beds scattered throughout the waterways made navigation in shallow waters a challenge.

Going out with the intend of catching some trout, we were surprised to find an abundance of red
drum in the waters.  Hooking one of these our first evening out in the kayaks, the fish pulled my kayak into the mangroves and then back out into the open waters as I reeled him in.  Guesstimating him to be around 26-inches, we decided to release the fish, since we were uncertain of the season for red drum and we didn't have a tape to measure him.  Turns out later, he probably would have been legal (and very good eating), but I was certain there would be another one on our next trip out.  The following evening the only fish I reeled in was another red drum, but only 12-inch, not within the legal slot size (18-27-inches).  Alan had used up all his fishing luck at Moccasin Creek, and didn't catch anything this time.

Clam farm along Hwy. 24
With a population of around 700, the small town was historically a fishing village but is now primarily known for tourism.  Clam-based aquaculture is wide-spread in the area, and is a multi-million dollar industry.  A clam farm was located within easy walking distance of our RV site, so we took advantage of this to enjoy the tender little mollusks.

Mother Nature is the primary draw here, with fishing, boating,
birding and biking among the favored activities.  Cedar Key NWR is a cluster of 13 uninhabited islands around Cedar Key, but they are only accessible by boat, so this will require another visit.  Continuing to head further south now.

Mosaic sculpture in downtown

Our waterfront view

Great White Heron 

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