Tuckahoe State Park, MD and Pocahontas State Park and High Bridge State Park, VA

60-acre lake at Tuckahoe State Park in Maryland
Frisbee golf at Tuckahoe SP
Pocahonatas SP in VA.  In addition to fishing there are are
80-miles of trails in the park.  
The Civilian Conservation Corp Museum dedicated to
 the depression-era workers, who helped build the state park
 system, was highlight of our bike trip
My fishing buddies at Pocahontas SP
High Bridge SP in VA-31 mile biking, walking or horse riding trail
More than 2400 feet long, originally built in the 1850's, rebuilt
and renovated through the years.
Traveling in a generally southerly direction, we are headed toward Raleigh, NC, for a flight out to Las Vegas (that's another story), but our arrival in Raleigh will overlap with the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival.  This is a massive event, hosting dozens of top-notch bluegrass talent.  We plan to enjoy the free aspect, which takes place on 4 different stages in the downtown area near City Plaza.  Our travels have been uneventful, but filled with biking, fishing and kayaking in a variety of beautiful state parks along our route.
Head of trail in Farmville, VA
High Bridge towers 125 feet over Appomattox River
Twin Lakes SP in Virginia--Goodwin Lake

Fishing in Prince Edward Lake at Twin Lakes SP

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