Las Vegas

Having made arrangements to store the RV in Las Vegas, we had some major organizing to do before the next leg of our trip.  Unfortunately, in the final step, literally, of closing up and storing the RV, I stepped off the RV and broke a bone in my left foot.  Initially, we were told surgery would be necessary, and we thought our long awaited trip to Australia and New Zealand would be cancelled.  Following up with an orthopedic surgeon, we found that a simple boot and crutches would suffice.  It was a disturbing several hours between the office visits!

Now, we still had a few days to spend in the city before moving on.
Having last visited the area about 20 years ago, we were surprised by the building and growth in the city and along the famous Las Vegas Strip.  One spectacular hotel after another lines the roadway, each offering not only numerous gambling venues, but also exceptional performers and programs.

With reservations secured, a few months ago, at the Luxor, we were at the center of the
action.  Wanting to take advantage of the fabulous shows available in Las Vegas, Alan had purchased tickets for two shows prior to our arrival.   Our first program was with Terry Fator, at The Mirage.  He’s a singer, ventriloquist, impressionist and comedian, extrodianaire.  With “the dude”, an Elvis impersonator and several other characters, he entertained the audience with his comic routine and the music of artists ranging from Barbra Streisand to Frank Sinatra.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable program.

Having experienced the Cirque de Soleil performances in the past, we know the quality entertainment they provide.  Four different Cirque attractions were being offered during our visit.  On the recommendation of friends, we had selected the Cirque’s “Beatles LOVE” show at The Mirage.  In a word the show was “outstanding.”   The staging, choreography, and the acrobatic and aerial performances were all top notch.  The many different ‘acts’ in the show are based on the music of The Beatles, from Hey Jude to Lucy in the Star with Diamonds.  This is surely a show you could enjoy time after time.  It reminded me of a three-ring circus; because there are so many things happening on the stage, in the center of the seating, you can’t possibly pay attention to all the different aspects. 

The following morning, we headed over to Long Beach, CA to board the ms Volendam and to ship out to Sydney, Australia.  The three-week cruise will be making a number of stops along the way and future blogs will fill you in on those adventures.

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