Maui--- Ahihi-Kinau Reserve, Jazz and Blues Fest, Ho'okipa Beach

Ahihi-Kinau Reserve
July 1, 2012      Wrapping up our last few days in Maui, we drove down to the Ahihi-Kinau Reserve.  This marine life conservation area is considered to be one of the top snorkel spots on the island.  Located on the southwest end of the island and on a lava flow, entry to the water can be a little tricky.  As it turned out, the surf was pounding the craggy rocks at this beach as well, so there was no need for us to enter the water.  The surfer’s, though, were enjoying overhead waves.

Heading north, we stopped at the Kealia Pond Coastal Boardwalk.  At this time of year, there was no water in the pond and therefore, no wading birds, but during the winter and fall this is considered a good viewing area.  The 2200-foot boardwalk runs over the pond alongside the ocean, with a perfect beach walking area.

Sugarcane fields
Passing Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop (and their crowded parking lot) numerous times in our travels along the Honoapli’ilani Hwy, we decided to stop, and find out why the place was so busy.  The award-winning restaurant focuses on freshly baked breads and pies.  Whenever possible, they use fresh local, organic meats, fruits and vegetables for their menu items, ranging from sweet and savory pies to sandwiches, salads and soups.  We were not let down; it’s a wonderful place to stop for lunch or simple dinner, if you’re along this coast.

Heading into Lahaina for a final visit, we explored the opposite end of
Front St., starting at the Courtyard Square.  A huge Banyan tree planted in 1873 now covers a 200-foot area.  Across the street, we found the Baldwin House.  Completed in 1835, this was the home to Rev. Baldwin a missionary, physician and teacher.  He was credited with saving thousands of lives during the smallpox epidemic of 1853.    Inquiring from a local about the best place for shaved ice in town, we were referred to the nearby Local Boys West.  As per our previous experiences, the long line outside the building indicates a great product inside, and we were not disappointed.

Napali Bay
Back to Kapalua, we found calm seas and sunny skies.  Visibility was much improved from earlier in the week.  After snorkeling, we drove to the next bay south, to hang out on the fine sand beach and turquoise waters of Napali Bay and to have lunch at the Sea House Restaurant.  They are a little on the pricey side, especially for dinner, but with an excellent menu and a million dollar view, it’s worth a visit. 

Sacha Boutros
we were able to catch part of the 4-day Maui Invitational Jazz and Blues fest at Whaler’s Village.  This upscale shopping area hosts numerous events on a regular basis, including weekly hula programs.  The program began with the phenomenal talent of Sacha Boutros.  With a four-octave range, her singing was the highlight of the 3-hour program.  Listen to her at:

Windsurfer at Ho'okipa Beach
The following morning we drove up to Pi’ai on the northern coast.  This  small town consists primarily of shops, restaurants, surf shops and art galleries.  But, the nearby Ho’okipa Beach Park is world-famous for windsurfing and surfing. Hanging out for the remainder of the day, we watched the windsurfers working the waves until we had to leave for the airport.  Great ending to a fantastic trip! 

Ocean walk at Kealia Pond Boardwalk area

Sunset from our balcony

Hot tub soak overlooking the ocean at the end of the day

Outrigger Canoe Competition at Canoe Beach

Outrigger Canoe Competitors

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