Home Again

Sunrise on the Indian River Lagoon

Oct. 19, 2011    Meandering south, we visited with family before returning home about one week ago.  Skirting the rains for most of our travels, they have found us again back at home and the water retention area in our backyard looks like a small lake.  I think we should consider stocking it so we’ll always have fresh catch available. 

Walking along the riverfront at daybreak, we spot egrets, blue herons, ibis and a myriad of other birds.  And it’s hard to beat the picture of the sun coming up over the horizon silhouetting the wildlife, the docks and the boats bobbing in the water. 

Living along the “Treasure Coast” in Florida is truly the jewel implied by the name.  The name actually comes from the Spanish galleons carrying treasures that wrecked off the coast in this vicinity back in the 1700 and 1800’s.  In my opinion, the modern day treasure is the Indian River Lagoon.  It is one of North America’s most diverse estuaries, with over 4000 plants and animals.  Sometimes I wonder why we ever leave home, but there are so many wonderful places to explore and so little time. 

Moonrise over the Lagoon

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