World's Best Fried Clams

August 30, 2010   Departed Novia Scotia and whizzed through New Brunswick on Hwy. 1, which provided an outstanding clam experience.  West of St. George and east of St. Stephens, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, Ossie's Lunch (est. 1957) has a sign claiming to have the world's best seafood--I'm not sure about that, but the fried clams have displaced our former #1 (Percy's at Popham Beach.)  Ossie's provided a lightly battered, perfectly cooked, juicy clam and we are proclaiming this as the world's best fried clam.  Of course, the competition is not complete until we have finished our trip so we will be undertaking the arduous task of tasting fried clams as long as they are available.  Camped that evening near St. Andrews and moved across the border into Maine the next day.

We had scouted out Sebasticook Lake near Bangor.  Driving all day through rain, we made it to our destination with rain still falling but we had a forecast for sun the next day, so we purchased our fishing licenses and prepared to catch some lake trout.  Our rented row boat came equipped with cushions and life jackets but no anchor and no oar locks. 
Winds had subsided somewhat from the previous day's storm but we still had overcast skies and a 10-15 mph breeze over the water.  Maybe not the best day to go out but we were certain the trout were out there waiting for us.  After being bounced and blown around, three hours later, we arrived aback at the dock empty handed.  Fishing from the dock and our campsite brought no better luck.  Decided to move over to Georgetown, to a campsite overlooking Sagadahoc Bay.  Hung out at our site, where we enjoyed watching the tides move over the flats and concentrated on tracking down our final Maine lobster dinner.
Sagadahoc Bay
Set our GPS for Ipswich, MA,  headed toward the mecca for fried clam lovers, the Clam Box, the line out the door foretold of great things to come.  Once inside the restaurant, the walls are papered with articles from newspapers and magazines proclaiming the excellence of this establishment.  Bottom line for us---Ossie's Lunch is still #1.  Located a campground in Cape Cod for storing the RV during our trip out to Nantucket.  Two days later, we packed up the Honda and headed for the ferry.

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