Seal Cove

August 16, 2010  Heading toward the ferry for Nova Scotia, we stopped for a stay in Murray Harbor North, our final camp area in PEI.  The campground overlooked Seal Cove and despite our best efforts we never spotted any seals but we did find the tidal flats in front of our campsite loaded with soft-shelled clams.  Alan dug up about 4 dozen clams in 15 minutes, only our temporary satiation of shellfish prevented him from filling our coffers with more of these tasty critters. 

This camp was so serene, we both sat for hours mesmerized by the view of the salt marshes, tidal flats, and water.  Prying ourselves from the chairs, we headed out for a bike ride on a portion of the Confederation Trail.  The complete trail spans from one end of the island to the other (about 174 miles) plus it includes dozens of branch trails which lead off the main trail heading into the coastal areas.  Biking on this well-maintained path, under the birch, maples, and evergreens, was a pleasure.  We only completed 9 miles, so we have to return to PEI to clock a few more miles.

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