Ocracoke and Igor

Sept. 28, 2010  Departed for the Outer Banks, where we spent a couple of days, but Hurricane Igor was passing over Bermuda and creating high winds and rough seas along the North Carolina coast.  Can't pass along this area without partaking in some blue crabs--whipped up some sauteed soft shell crabs and fresh NC peach shortcake--seriously good food.

Took the ferry to Ocracoke Island which is all part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, with the exception of a small village near the ferry.  We stayed in the Park campground, a site next to the ocean, once the dunes were scaled.  Waters were still churned up from Igor and despite Alan's best efforts, the fish along the shore are safe to swim another day. 
Biked into town the next day, a paved trail along the highway kept us out of traffic.  We had a pleasant ride around town and then back to the campground, but about a quarter mile from the campsite, I got a flat tire,  Unfortunately, the mosquitoes in the surrounding vegetation came out in swarms as soon as the bikes came to a stop---the last few hundred feet back to the RV was like a scene from the old Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds.  Escaped on the morning ferry to Cedar Island and left the mosquitoes behind.

The heat of the south and thoughts of our pillow top, king sized bed, have created a zeal for ending this journey, but we'll be on the road again soon.

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