Northward Bound

July 7, 2010  As happened so frequently last year, the travel gods saved us once more as we approached Atlanta in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic, we exited the highway with our brakes smoking and found a mechanic, at the first stop, with the knowledge and the parts to replace our front disc brakes and get us back on the road again.  Enjoyed a relaxing 4th of July weekend and fantastic fireworks in Atlanta with Nicole and Robert.

Headed for our next destination, on a tip from friends, the upper section of the Virginia Creeper Trail, in Damascus, VA.  Found a RV park across the street from The Bike Station, one of six shuttle businesses in town.  The shuttles deliver bikers and bikes to the top of the trail on White Mountain.  Going downhill on this 17.5 mile trail, through National Forest and next to a rushing stream, was a thrilling experience.  Braking for most of the trip down, we did find the occasional need to peddle.  Our one regret was not bringing rods and tackle to snag some of the numerous trout.  Heading to Stamford, NY to visit with friends.  Getting in the high 90's in the south--need to keep heading north.

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