Jasper National Park

July 24, 2009,   Headed along the Icefield Parkway from the north end of Banff into Jasper National Park.   Named for the Columbia Icefields which feed 8 major glaciers, the area receives close to 300 inches of snow a year.   Clear turquoise lakes, at the foot of the Canadian Rockies,  looked like prime fishing territory.  The 35 degree water temperature and 20 mph wind gust, made it easy for Alan to talk himself out of fishing for very long.  Walked to Athabasca Falls in the morning, powerful and splendid.
Hiked up to Athabasca Glacier later that day and three layers of clothes was almost enough.

In Jasper, we caught up on laundry, groceries and gas.  Water and gas both around $4.00 a gallon.  A nice little town but definitely got sticker shock.  As we headed into British Columbia, Alan claimed the first bear sighting.  Lots of pretty wildflowers and mountains, but not the drama of western Alberta.  At Crooked River, a primitive camp, we decided to take a "15 minute walk" to Square Lake to catch some morning trout.  Between the downed signs and the bad signage, we wound up at the lake an hour or so later escorted by swarms of mosquitoes.  No fish here either, but we made it back to camp in record time as we spotted bear prints on the trail.   Traveling north we stopped at the "perfect trout river" and it was.  Within a couple of minutes Alan snagged a 21 inch brown trout.  He was so excited by the big hit,  he was slipping down the rocky bank and fell smashing his reel but he did land that fish.  Yes!!

Made it into Dawson Creek, B.C., last evening.  As we stopped at the 0 mile marker for the Alcan Highway, we met Adam and Tim.  They had just arrived on bikes from Anchorage.  Adam will be biking 25,000 miles over the next two years, with the end destination of Argentina,  to raise money and awareness for autism.  The website is  Check it out.

(Update April, 2010---Tim was forced to drop out of the ride due to medical issues.  Adam spent a couple of nights with us as he passed through Florida--still Argentina bound.)

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