The Badlands and The Good Men

July 9, 2009 Hello from Billings, Montana, A wonderful 50 degrees this morning, may not have packed enough cold weather clothes. Spent a couple of days in Kansas City visiting our friend, Larry. He provided a tour of the city, plentiful parks, fountains and beautiful architecture. And he didn't leave out the world-renowned Kansas City barbecue. Prolific and talented, his house is full from basement to attic with artistic body casts and a new line of regenerative art images.

Saw the 4th of July fireworks from Honeycreek, IA, looking over cornfields for a display from a town a few miles away.We have meandered across, Iowa, Wyoming and South Dakota. Badlands Natl. Park is stark and a strong contrast to the seemingly endless plains that proceed it. Temperatures were in the mid 90's, so we decided to move into the Custer State Park located in the Black Hills. Serene, heavily pine forested area--lots of white tail deer.

Since the trout were not cooperating with Alan's efforts, we decided to move on to Mount Rushmore. Marble columns with flags for the 50 states lead up to the viewing area.
The 60 foot sculpted heads of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln were created to lure tourist to the Black Hills, approximately 2 million people a year now visit the monument.

Headed into Deadwood, SD. This formerly wild west town is now a touristy area with slot machines in just about every restaurant in town. We left some of our money in the slots. Discovered our generator is no longer working so we made a beeline to Billings, where we tracked down a place that will work on our unit.

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