Cape Peninsula and Simon's Town

Securing a rental car in Cape Town, we headed south to the Cape Peninsula.  Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope provide beautiful vantage points.  You can walk up to the lighthouse at Cape Point, or a funicular will whisk you to the top, for a fee.  We opted for neither, happy with the views at the base.  These locations are still considered part of the Table Mountain National Park, but require a separate entry fee.  The zebra, eland and antelope which are said to be in this portion of the park were hiding during our visit but we did see a number of Chacma Baboons.  Warning signs advise visitors that the baboons can be aggressive when food is involved and there is a 500 rand ($40) fine for feeding the animals.

Despite popular belief (and ours prior to our visit) the actual southernmost point of Africa is 93 miles
Mother with one-year old juvenile
to the southeast at Cape Agulhas.  But it was a nice stop, irregardless.  However, our primary reason for driving south was to visit Simon's Town and Boulders Beach, located along False Bay.  This area is known as the home to over 2200 South African Penguins which started here in 1982 from 2 breeding pairs.  By arriving late in the afternoon, the penguins had returned from their daily fishing, one parent goes out daily to fish while the other takes care of the young.  The area was crowded with the noisy birds swimming in the Bay, walking around the beach and nestled down in their nests.  Originally called Jackass Penguins due to their donkey-like bray, the beach was filled with their humorous sound.

Though netting and fencing has been placed just above the beach area, we noticed several penguins walking the streets and sidewalks in town after sunset.  We were told a rescue vehicle rounds them up and takes them back to the beach.

It was a fun visit with the penguins, but now we are moving on to the wine district.
Sun-dried snoek at Kalk Bay 
Lighthouse at Cape Point
Cape of Good Hope
At Cape Point

At Boulder's Beach

Main Street Simon's Town

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