Kruger National Park- Day 3- Talamati Bushveld Camp

Mom and baby
Located in more isolated areas of the park, the bushveld camps are located off gravel/dirt roads with no stores or other amenities offered.  But our bungalow was spacious and once again offered an outdoor kitchen.  With baboons in this camp, security on the kitchen was kicked up a notch.  In addition to the cage on the fridge, all of the cabinets and drawers had locks.  A bird blind at Talamati didn't result in any new bird sightings but waterbuck, elephant and giraffe hung out in the meadow in front of the electrified fence.

Snack time

Our 2-hour night tour with Orlando, departed at 8 P.M., so there were no twilight sightings.  What
we saw, but were unable to photograph, were countless bush babies.  These small, nocturnal gray and white fur balls can jump up to 6 feet, and by shining our high-powered flashlights into the trees, we could follow their antics.

The washboard roads which had been a challenge on our entry were somewhat better on our different route out, but we were both wishing
(again) that we had rented a jeep or larger profile 4-wheel drive vehicle instead of our tiny Toyota.

Photo from the African Wildlife Foundation
Bush baby


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