Isabel Island , Galapagos Day 5

Entering Elizabeth Bay in a panga, we were welcomed by Blue-footed boobies, Galapagos sea lions and turtles.  As we went deeper into the cove, within the red and black mangrove-lined shore, we spotted a dozen or so immature spotted eagle rays, and golden rays. They were all skimming close to the surface, and the crystal clear water allowed us to see them easily.  Sea turtles and sea lions occasionally popped their heads up, as well.  It was a wonderful outing, followed by deep-water snorkeling in the Bay.

Water temperature was shockingly cold, once again, and we were thankful for the full wet suits.  But as with all of our snorkel experiences, we were immediately drawn away from thoughts about the chilly water, by the phenomenal sea life.  By this point in the trip, we had seen more turtles
than I could count, but here we saw more, and it never gets old.  These large lumbering creatures are so graceful in the water, it is a joy to follow them around.

As we got a hot shower and lunch, the Letty moved to Tagus Cove, still off Isabel.  Choices for the first afternoon outing were kayaking or snorkeling, we opted for the snorkeling.  Once again, we had beautifully clear water for spotting yet more turtles.  A few sea lions darted past us. Numerous varieties of fish and dozens of starfish laid on the bottom.  On returning to the boat, we had a quick turn around.  We had a choice of a hike up to a lake in the cliffs over the cove or another panga ride, we decided on the panga ride.  Penguins, marine iguanas and a variety of shorebirds were on hand for our visit.  Next on to Santiago Island.

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