Mid-Coastal Maine

Pemaquid Lighhouse near Bristol
They say, "a picture is worth a thousand words," and when it comes to the beauty of Maine this is no doubt true.  So there will be fewer words, and more photos this time.  Our activities have been low key;  painting, photography, walks along various waterfronts, and eating lots of seriously good food.  A ferry
trip to Monhegan, a visit to the Farnsworth Museum and checking out participants in Maine's 'Open Farm Day' were the highlights of the week.

Known as the "Lighthouse State," Maine has  66 lighthouses along the coast, 57 of them still active.  So, if you are seriously into lighthouses, you could spend several vacations just checking out the lighthouses and their history.  We enjoy visiting the structures, so there may be a disproportionate number of lighthouse pictures included, but far from all 66.

Atlantic Puffin (from Audubon Society file)
This is a state with somewhere over 3100 islands, most  are remote and uninhabited, and some amount to little more than small granite forms, which provide respite for harbor or gray seals, and a variety of sea birds.  The National Audubon Society has been successful in reintroducing the Atlantic Puffin to several of the islands, and offshore trips are available through two local ferry companies.  Visiting the Project Puffin Center in Rockland, we were treated to a treasure trove of information and fabulous photos, a video on how the birds were reintroduced and live video feeds from Seal Island.

Overview of Monegan and neighboring island, Manana
Monhegan has long been a refuge for creative
souls, and walking the streets around the island, there were numerous artists with tripods set up, and brushes dipping into their oils or watercolors.  Alan was one of many, instead of an exception.  Only a handful of vehicles are found on the island, primarily work vehicles, or for transporting guest's luggage to their accommodations.  With a year round population of around 65, the island swells to around 250 during the summer, with day trippers and overnight visitors.  Even though the island consists of only 4.5 square miles, there are about 12 miles of trails available, many of them steep and strenuous, but offering gorgeous views of the ocean cliffs from rocky ledges as a reward at the end of the hike. 

Sculpture outside the Farnsworth
Rockland's Farnsworth Museum offers a comprehensive collection of Maine art, including numerous  works by the renowned Wyeth family, N.C., Andrew and Jamie.  But on this visit, we were introduced to the work of photographer Kosti Ruohomaa.  A special exhibition, "Andy and Kosti" featured the realist works of the two men, side-by-side.  Kosti was a photojournalist for National Geographic and Life magazine.  His photos depict the lives of those living and working in Maine, and offer insight and sensitivity.

Brae Maple Farm-certified organic. Donated to local food kitchens.
Once a year, dozens of farmers throughout Maine participate in 'Open Farm Day.'  On this one day, farms which are typically closed to the public, open their doors to educate the public about what they do.  Finding several in Knox county, where we are currently staying, we went out to visit a few.  Ranging from goat herds to water buffalo, and blueberries to organic produce, the farms put a lot of energy into sharing their work, and in some cases, their mission.

A truism, in Maine, "if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes."  We've never visited an area were the weather forecast is so unreliable, and weather changes so radically throughout the day.  We've had several Florida "winter" days since we arrived, with temperatures barely getting out of the 50's.  But when the sun comes out it is glorious!

On the rocks below Pemaquid Lighthouse ---FYI-Click on photos to enlarge
Rocks below Pemaquid
Hootenanny in Bristol
Rockport Harbor
Rockland Breakwater-have to watch your step here!
Seals sighted on our trip out to Monhegan
Marshall Point Lighthouse near Port Clyde
One of the many artists on Monhegan
Alan walking on Main St., Monhegan
Manana island, Monhegan's neighbor
On Monhegan-Lupines
Monhegan Lighthouse
Panorama from top of Whitehead trail on Monhegan
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
Owls Head Lighthouse
Clipper ship at Rockland harbor - Picton Castle
Herb garden with natural fencing at Brae Maple Farms
Morse's naturally fermented pickles and sauerkraut in Waldoboro
Fresh blueberries at Sweet Season Farms
Main Street Camden
Harbor near Owls Head
Lunch stop in Monhegan
At the Maine Water Buffalo Company in Appleton

Lobster Benedict-click here for recipe

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