Puerto Moreles, Mexico

Finishing the last of our Mexican get-away, we drove to the small community of Puerto Moreles.  Even though this town sits just a few miles off the main highway, south of  Cancun, we had never taken time to explore what the town had to offer.

Friends had recommended snorkeling in the area.  Parking along the waterfront, we barely made it out of the car before being offered a snorkeling opportunity.  For $20 pp, a few minutes later we boarded a small skiff and headed about 100 meters offshore to the nearby Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (which continues down through Central America).

The shallow, warm water reef was filled with  diversity of  colorful coral in purple, green and gold, and bright tropical fish. As a National Marine Park, we were required to follow a guide, and to wear life jackets.  But rather than being annoyed by the inability to explore on our own, I appreciate the actions of the Mexican government to preserve this asset.  So often in our travels, we have seen that this is not the case, and the resources are declining as a result.

Numerous restaurants are within walking distance of the main square in the center of town, along the waterfront.  We enjoyed lunch in town a couple of times.  At El Pesquero (The Fishing Boat), Alan started with a beer, then we each ordered a margarita and an entree, accompanied by 2 sides.   After placing our order, free appetizers of lime-marinated cucumbers, black beans, corn chips, a variety of salsas, and lime-soaked jicama appeared at the table, all of this for $20, including the tip!  The sandy floor, and rustic, fishing motif was perfect.

Small fishing/snorkeling boats bob in the water, with fine, white sands, and dried seaweed lining the shore.  Unlike the up-scale resorts in the area, the beachfront is not manicured.  A well-crafted sand structure decorated the beach area.  Also just off the center of town, a number of shops offer souvenirs.  Business appeared to be very slow during this off-season time, and every sales person assured us they had whatever we wanted, at the best price. 

Sunny skies took over after the first couple of days, so when we weren't snorkeling, we were seated on the beach or beside the pool.  Having purchased a time share in Mexico ten years ago, we frequently return to one of their wonderful resorts.

We ended the trip with a couple days in Cancun, with early morning walks on the beach, and hanging out poolside, very low key, and perfect.  Hasta luego!
Frigate Bird soaring over Puerto Morales

Nicole, our snorkeling skiff in Puerto Moreles

At El Pesquero

Beautiful pools provided a way to cool down while hanging out in the sun

Palapas on the beach at the resort provided respite from the sun
Early morning on Cancun beach

Mayan ruin along the beachfront in Cancun

Puerto Morales waterfront

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