Cinque Terra Pictures

Levanto beachfront, ready for the onslaught of tourist in July and August.
Village nestled in the hillside near Levanto.
Waterfront of Riomaggiore looking to the south.
Looking into the densely compacted village of Riomaggiore from the marina.

Parish church of S. Giovanni Battista founded in 1340.
Overview of Manarola from the hills toward the water.

View of the terraced farmlands in the hills surrounding Manarola.
Manarola scene from the water.

Interior of the parish church of S. Pietro in Corniglia, first documented in 1267.
Bell tower, restaurants, and shops near the marina in Vernazza.
At the marina in Vernazza.
Overlook of Vernazza's waterfront, and the belforte and tower.
Beachfront on Monterosso.
Crowded streets in Monterossa.
Interior of parish church of S. Giovanni Battista in Monterosso documented in 1244.

Approaching Monterosso by boat.


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