The Great Barrier Reef

Venturing out onto the Great Barrier Reef, we were incredibly lucky on all counts.  Skies were clear, the ocean was as calm as a lake and water visibility couldn't have been better.  This was without question our most phenomenal snorkeling experience.  In addition to spotting a number of new fish species, we were blown away by the diversity of coral species.  (Over 450 types of coral) 

We opted to go out to the reef on a boat operated by one of the original snorkel companies founded in Port Douglas, Wavelength.  This company offers a trip with a maximum of 30 snorkelers, and stops at three different reefs for one hour each.  There were also 2 marine biologists on board to lead tours, if desired, or answer questions. 

Alan snapped all the underwater photos with his pocket Canon placed inside a special $25 underwater camera bag.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  So, here are a few snapshots from our day.  (Click to enlarge, if you like.)

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