Kings Canyon National Park

Arriving in Kings Canyon, without reservations, we lucked into a roomy corner site at the Grants Grove Azalea Campground.  None of the sites offer electric and water, so we knew we would be only be able to stay 2 nights with our generator not recharging properly.  Also, we learned that the Hwy. 198, going south through Sequoia National Park has a vehicle length limit of 22 feet due to the extreme curves on the road.  Our RV is 26 feet long without the Honda attached on the rear.  So, we had a little change of plans, Sequoia was
General Grant Tree
eliminated as a destination.

Driving initially into the General Grant Grove, we meandered, once again, along the trails and through the giant sequoias.  The General Grant Tree is the star.  It is considered to be the 3rd largest tree in the world, with a circumference of 107 feet and height of 267 feet.  Pretty impressive!  This trail was not as crowded as the walks we had completed at the Mariposa Groves in Yosemite, but the tree is one of the biggest draws in the park, so we were lucky to find it relatively quiet. 

Heading next up to Panorama Point, at 7500 feet we enjoyed a spectacular view of the canyon and the distant Sierra Nevada Mountain range.  With a limited time frame for our visit, we decided to head down into the canyon.  Fantastic views and multiple stops for overviews, falls and short hikes filled our day. 
Overview of drive with darkening skies

With skies darkening and the temperature dropping as we returned to camp, we decided to forgo our campfire (allowed above 6,500 ft.) for the evening.  A few minutes later, dime-sized hail was pounding away on our metal home and heavy fog reduced visibility to a few feet.  Since the park has had a serious drought problem, the downpour was a positive thing.  Through the evening the hail/rain stopped but temperatures continued to drop.  We awoke to frost on the ground and our vehicles.  Brrrrr, with the heater not working, we packed up and moved south again.  Surely, there will be no frost in Las Vegas.
Zumwalt Meadows

In the Cedar Groves

Alan with giant sequoia

Driving down into the Canyon

Along the drive

Along the Canyon floor

Alan at Roaring River Falls
Western gray squirrel, caught by Alan


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