Stonington, ME Part 2

Kayaking in Long Cove
While walking around downtown, we wandered into Isalo’s Gallery.  Spotting a large, colorful watercolor by Marjorie Glick, we knew that we had to venture out and explore the spot represented by her work.  The painting was a view of Maritime Park.  The next day, we were there in the water.  From the Park, opening out into Southeast Harbor, we enjoyed an afternoon kayaking through Long Cove.  Joined only by a handful of gulls and cormorants and an occasional small sailboat, we passed the day peacefully paddling around the small islands in the cove.
Tents at the Farmers Market
Every Friday morning from 10-12, the local Farmers Market takes place at the Island Community Center.  Dozens of farmers, bakers and a wide variety of craftsmen come for this event, and it seems that few of the residents miss the occasion.  We found wood carved serving spoons, organic, fresh picked raspberries, deep red vine ripe tomatoes, goat’s cheese, steak, peanut butter cookies and on and on.  Everything looked so good; it was hard not to buy some of everything.  It's easy to understand why the market is such a success.
That same evening, the town was having their last First Friday Art Walk for 2012.  All of the galleries along the waterfront were open.  Most were serving wine and snacks but one was offering tastings of lobster recipes from a newly released cookbook, another had a jazz pianist, and yet another had a quartet playing and singing their original compositions.  With temperatures in the low 70’s and the pink reflection of the sunset over the harbor, it couldn’t have been a more perfect evening. 
Settlement Quarry
The following afternoon, we went out to Settlement Quarry.  This is another of Deer Isle Preserves.  In the late 1880’s and early 1900’s, the granite quarries of this area provided fine quality pink granite, which was in high demand because of its beauty and quality.  For a number of years the quarries were a major employer for the region, but the use of steel and reinforced concrete reduced the demand for granite.  Their last major order was shipped in the 1960’s and they closed for good in the 1980’s.  Now the Quarry provides a lovely overview of the harbor.  
Opera House
Open year round, Stonington Opera House offers live theater, musical performances, first run movies, poetry and book readings, and historical presentations; they even offer educational workshops for play writing, acting, etc.   The Opera House is a vibrant and important part of the community and 2012 is the centennial celebration for the building. On the evening we went, for the latest Woodie Allen movie, “To Rome with Love”, they had a packed house.
Docks at the Coop
One of our favorite spots in town is the Stonington Lobster Coop.  This is a place where you can buy the lobster right at the docks.  Located just off Main Street, you walk down the planks to the waterfront and let them know which size lobster you would like; a few minutes later you are walking away with your dinner.  It could only be fresher if you caught it yourself.  The price and quality just can’t be beat.  This is always one of our first and last stops in town. 
Flowers along Main St.
View of Main St. from the water
We are now moving south along the coast, toward Camden.  
Long Cove
Memorial on the waterfront to the Quarry Workers
One stand at the Farmers Market

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