Na Pali Coast, Kauai

June 16, 2012       Departing from Hanalei Bay along the North Shore of Kauai, we transferred from a small skiff to board a large, rigid-hull inflatable boat.  Scheduled for a tour and snorkel trip for the next 4 hours, we were anxious to get on our way.  Our boat, the Ocean Adventurer, moved quickly and smoothly out of the Bay, in spite of the 4-5 foot swells.

Ocean Adventurer from the Hola Hola Ad
Trips along the Na Pali Coast depart primarily from Port Allen along the southern coast, but since we were in Princeville, along the northern coast, we sought out something closer.  After researching our options, we found Holo Holo Charters running charters out of both locations.  Leaving out of Princeville means the boat is along Na Pali within 15 minutes, while the boats departing our of Port Allen travel for more than an hour before getting to the beginning of the impressive cliffs.

Unfortunately, the large surf that had hampered snorkeling the previous day continued to be an issue.  Warned ahead of time that snorkel conditions would probably not be optimal, it turned out they were right.  Waters at the snorkel site were murky.  The boat stopped so that everyone could enjoy a swim and lunch; then we returned back to Hanalei.  It was still the 4-hour trip they had promised, just a slightly different experience. 

Hawaiian green sea turtle
Spinner dolphins
Luckily, we got to travel along with a couple of large pods of spinner dolphins and sighted numerous Hawaiian green sea turtles swimming along the top of the water.  Carl, our first mate and a native Hawaiian, had intimate knowledge of the entire coast and regaled us with stories of the history, and some of his personal experiences, along the coast.  The trip was nothing short of spectacular.  We have never experienced any excursion as breathtaking. 


  1. You guys look GREAT!

  2. Thanks. A trip along the Na Pali Coast should be on everyone's bucket list; the beauty is hard to express.