San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Departing Xcalak
The morning we were scheduled to depart Xcalak, by boat to San Pedro, the skies were gray and the seas were choppy.  This was not the best scenario for a boat ride, especially a trip off the coast of Mexico in the open water.  Luckily by the time the boat departed, the winds had died down a bit and the seas were a little less choppy.  Our captain maneuvered the 28-foot boat with two 250 horsepower engines across the seas and into Chetamal Bay.  He completed the hour and a half trip in a little over an hour.

Arriving in San Pedro, we followed our captain a few streets over to the Immigration and Customs Office.  Check in here took only a few minutes; unlike the process on entering any other country we have ever visited.  Our hotel, by chance, was located almost next door.  The SunBreeze Hotel, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, was perfectly situated for exploring the town. 

Ambergris Caye is know best for its fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving, but it can also be a place to hang out and watch the palm tree sway overlooking the tropical waters and sipping on margaritas.  Numerous dive centers and fishing charters are available on the island for someone inclined to get in or on the water.
Belize is an English speaking country, so the challenge of communicating with the locals is not a problem.  Most visitors to the island explore with the use of golf carts, which are readily available throughout the town of San Pedro.  We did some heavy relaxing, rarely venturing far from the hotel and the nearby restaurants.  But, on our last day on the island we rented a golf cart to explore. 

Heading north on the island, Alan maneuvered the golf cart around countless potholes and mud puddles. (It rained each day we were there.)  Finally, fearing our trusty source of transportation may have trouble getting back to town, we turned around.  Providence was surely smiling on us.  Our first stop back in San Pedro the steering on our golf cart disengaged.  If the steering had gone out half hour earlier, we would have been stranded along a road with virtually no traffic, and lots of mud and mosquitoes.  We happened to be a few blocks from the golf car rental shop, so Alan was able to secure a new vehicle for the remainder of our tour to the south side of the island. 

The reason for our trip to Belize, however, was to visit with Alan’s sister, Diane and her husband David.  The next day we boarded the 12-passenger plane for the short flight from San Pedro to Belize City for our trip inland to San Ignacio to their home.

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