The Mayan Riviera-Akumal

Half Moon Bay at Akumal
Dec. 26, 2011     Flying into Cancun, one of the hottest vacation spots along the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, we by-passed the resort area in search of new territory.  Having visited this coastline a few times through the years, we were heading further south and away from the crowds.  Traveling with friends, Rich and Gloria Apple, we were all ready to explore. 

Driving along the Mexican Federal Highway 307, we stopped in the beach town of Playa del Carmen to stock up on provisions before heading further along the coast.  Akumal was our planned destination for the day.  The highway leading to the area is in excellent condition; the road approaching the waterfront area of Akumal is another story.
Rambling slowly over the pot-holed and speed bumped (wondering why they bothered with these) covered road, we caught glimpses of the turquoise waters and vibrant bougainvillea as we made our way to our days resting place, the Tanik Condo located along Half Moon Bay.  
View from our room
After fueling ourselves with a welcome margarita, guacamole, chips and burritos, we donned our snorkel gear and ventured out onto the reef in front of our room.  Having snorkeled this area in years past, we knew we should see a turtle or two.  Akumal means “place of the turtle" in the Mayan language.  We were not disappointed; within a few minutes we spotted our first turtle.  This area is a nesting ground for the green and loggerhead sea turtles.  Gliding silently over the top of the water following the turtle’s meanderings was a special treat. 

Brain coral, steadfastly anchored to the ocean floor, and fan coral flowing back and forth with the surf, along with the brilliantly colored tropical fish, made for a lovely snorkeling experience.

But Akumal was a mere diversion, we had reservations in Xcalak, so the following morning we were back on the road heading south again. 

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