Juneau- Land of Glaciers and Upside-Down Trees

Glacier Gardens Rainforest
One of the things that comes to mind as I look back at the pictures from this cruise is the fact that we were traveling in mid-June and it was still mighty darn chilly.  Most of our land destinations required a coat and jeans to be comfortable.

Arriving in Juneau, we decided to take a tour of the city.  This landed us at the Glacier Gardens Rainforest.  The 50-acre park features lovely, landscaped trails and waterfalls, but their most famous feature is the Upside-Down Flower Towers.  A number of hemlock and spruce trees had been uprooted on the property back in 1984 during a landslide.  The property owners decided to flip and replant some of the trees to create large flowerpots.  It definitely adds a unique feel to the heavily forested area.
Mendenhall Glacier

Our next stop was the Mendenhall Glacier located in the Tongass National Forest.  The large visitor center is open year-round and handles about half a million visitors each year.  There are a number of easy walking trails in the park but we stuck to the East Glacier Loop, which provided a wonderful overlook of the Glacier, the Lake and Nugget Creek Falls.

Downtown Juneau
In downtown Juneau, we took advantage of the numerous shops to purchase a few souvenirs. Returning to the cruise ship, after a full day of exploring the state’s capital, we started planning for our next stop, Skagway.
Mendenhall  Glacier and Lake with Nugget Creek Falls on the right

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