Finally Maine

Portland waterfront
     August 13, 2011    Over the past two weeks, we moved north to escape the heat of the south and visited friends along our route.  Arriving in cool, sunny Maine, we found exactly what we were seeking.  Starting in Waterboro, we stayed with our friend Richard until our campsite was available a couple days later.  He has a forested 15 acre homestead with a beautiful home he built himself.  The home is accented with his lovely paintings and pottery.
Captain Richard
As a sailor, he keeps his 25-foot Ericson anchored in Casco Bay at Falmouth.   Inviting us for a sail, we were quick to accept.  Saturday morning brought light breezes and sunny skies, perfect for our outing.  Picking up lunch at the corner store near the harbor, we met Richard as the sailboat approached the dock. 
Sailors frequently describe sailing as “hours of boredom, with moments of terror.”  We had no boredom or terror, just the tranquility of the extensive Casco Bay as our Captain navigated “Serenity” through the waters.
Alan acted as first mate and I sat back and enjoyed the sail.    
Alan's first lobster for the summer
Moving to Wells, our campsite for the next ten days, we sought out the little shack where we purchased lobster last year.  Tracking down the location, we placed our order for lobster for the following day.  Next, we stocked up on blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  The following night, we gorged on fresh Maine lobster and Maine Berry Crisp—doesn’t get any better than that.  
Alan's final workshop piece
Plein air painting site
Through this week, Alan has been in a plein air workshop with one of the top watercolor painters  in the country, Mel Stabin.  The rocky Maine coast provided a variety of spectacular venues for the group.  Alan’s talent continues to grow with each workshop.   As Alan slaved away at the easel, I practiced Spanish for our upcoming trip to Mexico, walked the beach in the morning (before it heated up to the high 70's) and did some writing.  No adventures, but there is always next week!
Scenery on my walk to Wells Beach

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