Our Co-pilot

April 16, 2011   When I first started writing about our travels two years ago, I didn't write about Tasha because we didn't think she was going to make it much longer.  I didn't want to write about her passing to the big RV in the sky.  We didn't think she'd make it to Alaska, or back to Florida again, or up to Nova Scotia, or back again.  Of course, she did make it for the big trips and many little trips as well.

As soon as the engine on the RV started, she assumed her position between Alan and I.  She never wanted to miss any of the trip.  On occasion she would even try to help "drive" by climbing into Alan's lap or under his legs.  She was usually exhausted by the time we arrived at our destination and promptly went to sleep.  She took her responsibility very seriously.

A strikingly, beautiful puppy with deep blue eyes, it was love at first sight.  When we first brought her home over 16 years ago, she was going to be Nicole's dog.  This worked well for awhile. But as Tasha grew, her strength and independent nature were too much for Nicole to handle.  Siberian Huskies are one person dogs.  In the end, Alan was her first love.

This week,  after numerous knocks on death's door, she has passed away.  This was more difficult than either of us had imagined.  There was no surprise, we have known this was coming.  But, when we hit the road in a couple of weeks, our co-pilot will no longer be with us and it will be a very sad drive indeed.

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