Zarcero and San Jose earthquake

February 29, 2010  Headed back into San Jose for the second part of of Alan's dental work.  The torrential rains, from the previous day, had washed out part of the road on our route.  We were detoured through the mountains.  Hairpin turns, compounded by driving through heavy clouds, diminished visibility to less than 50 feet for miles on end, creating a very stressful driving experience.  Finally, we descended out of the clouds into blue skies.  The agricultural area of Zarcero, perfectly platted, lush green farms, throughout the valley, was a delight.  Roadside markets offered local cheeses and produce but our detour had left us with no time for a stop. 

Arrived in San Jose just in time for the afternoon appointment.  Now, Alan has a full upper bridge and a beautiful new smile.  Mother Nature decided she wanted us to experience a little bit more of what Costa Rica had to offer.  Around 11 P.M., our hotel room (and all the surrounding area) was shaken by a 4.4 earthquake.  We evacuated the hotel, as did the other guest.  After deciding there would not be an encore, we returned to our room for a restless night sleep.   We were woken at 6 A.M. by the shrill blare of the hotel's fire alarm.  There was no fire, but it added to the excitement of the night.

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