Campfires and Canoes

July 20, 2010   Discovered Popham Beach, first settled in 1607 by the English and then abandoned in 1608.  Located a RV park on the ocean, this place is visited primarily by families which have returned year after year.  Not the white sand beaches, but a minimal number of people and at low tide the water receded to a level which allows beach goers to walk out to a few of the small islands that are offshore.  Invited to a campfire one evening with a family from New Hampshire.  They have been coming to Popham for 35 years.  The two lighthouses and millions of stars topped off a perfect evening which had started with steamers and raspberries topped with whipped cream.  Yes, we are still obsessed with food, especially when we can indulge in these fresh, local delicacies.

Kayaking the following morning on the Winnegance Creek, we had the creek to ourselves joined only by cormorants, ducks and osprey.  Alan fished most of the time,  as I paddled the length of the creek,  he was rewarded with two small mouth bass, one perch and many hits.  We found the best steamers and fried clams at Percy's at Popham Beach, so now the competition will begin in earnest for any contenders.

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