Nosara Bound

Feb. 26, 2010   Mission accomplished, we moved on to Nosara.  Our friends, Pete and Emily, completed a home in the surf area and relocated from the U.S. over a year ago.  Their home overlooks the town of Nosara and the Gulf of Nicoya, providing a fabulous view both day and night.  Adjusting to life in Costa Rica has had many difficulties but also many blessings and they seem content to stay here for a long time.  The dry, summer season of the Pacific coast was a strong contrast to the lush greenery of the Monteverde area.   The beaches were lovely but the grasses are brown and most of the large trees are leafless due to the lack of water.  The dusty roads are similar or worse than the roads approaching Monteverde, with the locals once again trying to save their area from development.  The rainy season which starts in a few months will bring everything back to life.

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