Marshmallow Roast Cancelled

July 25, 2010  At Boothbay Harbor we secured a waterfront campsite that would provide a perfect kayaking venue.  Kayaks were even provided free of charge.  Decided we would kayak first thing in the morning, for the evening we were planning our first fire and marshmallow roast.  Intense lighting and four to five inches of torrential rain cancelled our plans and caused substantial road damage in the area.
Explored Boothbay and adjoining towns for a few days and found our way to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.  The grounds had sustained heavy damage from the storm but many of the flowers had held up to the assault.  Beautiful, well-laid out gardens with a creative children's garden integrated with fairy houses, barns, and the favorite, a washtub with washboard, a water pump and a clothes line.  (Who would have thought?)

Have moved on to Rockland, ME.  Wifi has been nonexistant in our campsites, can't bring myself to sit around in McDonald's typing letters.  Seem strange that Maine would offer less wifi than the wilds of Alaska.

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