Friends and Art

July 12, 2010   Visited with friends, Carol and Paul, not seen in 25 years but it seemed as though we had just walked out the door yesterday.  They are entering into a new venture in life as gym owners and hopefully as prosperous business entrepreneurs.

We moved on next to the Berkshires in Massachusetts, where we revisited a walk through time at the Norman Rockwell Museum, and were also treated to an exhibit by cartoonist William Steig (of New Yorker fame).  Had not realized he had also written 39 children's books, including Shrek,  though his character is considerably more menacing than the Disney version.  Daniel Chester French's studio was nearby.  This stop gave us an appreciation for the effort involved in conceptualizing and bringing to completion pieces such as the statue of Lincoln for the Lincoln Memorial.  In North Adams, MA, we visited the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.  Experienced installation art, in these old transformed warehouse spaces, which includes the largest single gallery in the world. A tour led by an art student, gave us an understanding of the processes involved in the creation of installation art, which varies dependent on the building in which it is installed.

Next on to Brattleboro, VT, meeting up with another old friend, Terry.  Here we stayed in the beautifully refurbished family home which was built in 1723.   Raised in FL, I never cease to be amazed with the architectural gems in the northeast , in Florida a home is old if it was built in 1923.
We moved on to Terry and her husband, John David's, Victorian style home built in the 1890's, which they have restored over the past 12 years and decorated throughout with Terry's watercolors and            sculptures.

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